I was born in The Hague in 1965. Moved at 18 to Arnhem.

I get a job in a fotolaboratorium to developed and prints films to the size of 30x45 cm. An old method because the films must be developed in the darkroom.

After 5 years a left to go to a camerastore where a sell lot's of DSLR camera's, analog and digital.

So that's the reason that a make picture's....everyday a held a camera so why don't used them for my self ?

Nature was that time not my specialty, I take press, honeymoons, portrets and other picture's.

After a long walk in the forrest near Roosendaal, a meet for the first time a reddeer....that was what I want to photograph.....Yes.

So I did a lot of reading about this animal, learn more of it. And a year of so I take my first picture of a Reddeer.

Now mostly I visited The National Park de Hoge Veluwe because the beautiful wildlife.

Here you can see Reddeers - Roebucks - Wild Boares and many birds and other animals.

When you come to Holland and specialy tho the Veluwe, and you want to sea the most spectacular things, write me and we go together. You can hire me as a guide. Contact me at :

Now I work as a Volunteer in the visitor center in the National Park de Hoge Veluwe.